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Meditation and Mindfulness

The benefits of meditation for the body and mind have been known for hundreds of years in the East. Meditation has transcended the purely spiritual realm. Today, meditation is practiced in medicine, sports, businesses, education and personal development.

However, there are still questions: What is meditation? What are the benefits? Are there different types of meditation? How do you meditate?

Based on the latest scientific data and research, you will learn ancient Oriental techniques to calm your heart, strengthen your mind, to help you experience peace and happiness, while it also improves your health and personal and professional skills.


Consciousness of Time

Of all the resources we humans have, time is probably the one that needs our greatest attention: Once it is gone, it is gone. Time can never be recuperated and its wise management has great and wide ranging benefits.

This seminar will help you understand its value, how to protect it, manage it and to develop a Consciousness of Time: You will learn to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important; what is personal and professional time; recognize the time you are most productive and to plan your daily activities accordingly to maximize your time, effort and energies.


Personal Energy Management

Learn to strengthen your awareness and identify the resources available within yourself. Personal energy is one of your most precious resources: learn to protect it, nurture it, and maintain it at the highest level. This course will show you the ways to “plug” into the energy available to all of us and how to increase it and to minimize energy loss.


Stress Management

Understand the effects of stress on the body. What causes stress? What are stress management techniques? You will efficiently and effectively apply your acquired knowledge through: stress awareness, nutrition, time consciousness, breathing and relaxation techniques, support systems and much more.

It includes the possibility to examine and resolve personal cases throughout the course.


Essence of a Healthy Life

We will give you an overview of all the elements to enable you to live a healthy life: nutrition, physical activity, relaxation, breathing, meditation, stress management, mental relaxation, time awareness and management, a personal philosophy of life, etc. This is practical guide to better health, more energy and well-being.


Healthy Eating and Adequate Weight

Here you will be able to learn the “fundamentals” to eat healthily and maintain and adequate weight. You will learn about different types of food and their functions, appropriate dietary habits, fast days and their benefits. This will include tips on eating out in restaurants and applying the acquired knowledge to everyday life. You will learn the “Five Steps to Healthy Eating and Ideal Weight”, bringing together conventional Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine: simple and easy to apply patterns of eating behaviors to achieve good health and maintain a healthy weight.


Breathing, Concentration, Relaxation and Visualizations

Breathing, concentration and relaxation techniques or skills should be part of our earliest education because of their great importance in directing our lives to one of health and excellence.
Regardless of your profession or your personal objectives: mastering your breath; harnessing the power of your mind; controlling your emotions; understanding relaxation, body posture and human values; and using visualizations represent an extraordinary advantage. It will not only help you to achieve excellence in your chosen field, but these skills are also the pillars for good health, peace, success and happiness. You will learn the definitions, benefits and procedures of each of these skills that are the essence of health, peace, vitality and achievement.


4 Steps to Success and Excellence

Anchored in a millenarian tradition and sustained by the most recent scientific research, the 4 Steps is a model for growth, change and development. This method is rooted in the most ancient Oriental traditions and also maintains the most rigorous scientific approach and contemporary significance.
The model was originally conceived to heal physical, mental and spiritual disease and its methodology for bringing about improvement, transformation and change can be applied to any field: health, sports, business, education, art, fitness and well-being. This course is a must for anyone who values and strives for excellence.


Self Defense – Kung Fu

Kung Fu is known as “The Father of All Martial Arts”, an extraordinary system of self-protection Kung Fu was created and continues to be practiced for the health benefits and complete development of the person: physical, mental and spiritual.

You will learn exercises and techniques used by the ancient Chinese Masters to increase flexibility, strength and well-being. It is a practical, fun and enjoyable training that uses Kung Fu techniques to create peace, health and harmony. At the same time, you learn self-defense techniques that may prove useful in today’s aggressive and sometimes dangerous society.


Traditional Chinese Gymnastics: Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan

Qigong is a Chinese method that combines soft body movements with mental concentration and breathing to increase human energy.

Also called the “Fountain of Youth”, these techniques are a limitless source peace, good health and vitality, and an ideal way to keep in shape and protect ourselves from pressures and everyday stress.

You will learn “The 8 Jewels”, Eight Basic considered by generations of Chinese to bestow treasures of peace and health to its practitioners, as well as basic philosophical concepts common to Taoism and Buddhism of useful and beneficial application to personal and professional life.


Basic philosophical concepts and their application in our lives

We will look at mindfulness (Sati) and Mindlessness (Wu Hsin/Wu Nien), Yin/Yang, naturalness and spontaneity (Tzu Jan), non-hesitation (Mo Chih Ch´u) and equanimity. These fundamental concepts will be explained and their application in daily life shown to enjoy health, efficiency at work and wellbeing.


The law of Yin and Yang: Finding and staying in balance

The old Mastersunderstoodand taughtthe benefits ofa balanced lifethat combinesactivity and rest,movement and stillness, hardness and softness.Understand and applythe power of thesetwo forcesthat move the worldreveals itself asa great tool toachieve health, efficiency, peace and wisdom.


Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism: A fundamental vision to live better

These three philosophies have shaped the Chinese people and is at the core of their culture, actions and peculiarities. Being aware of their basic principles will help us understand, not only this powerful society and thinking, but will also prove to be helpful in our daily lives. 


Natural laws and cycles

There are natural laws and cycles: day and night, the seasons of the year and even a person’s own life is a cycle with birth, growth, maturity and death. To know, respect and harmonize with these cycles is wisdom at its highest level. Practice and integrate them in your everyday life and you will enjoy health, efficiency, peace, joy and success.


NOTE: Health Geneva, Sarl, organizes, not only conferences and workshops on these subjects, but also training courses in Qigong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and meditation-mindfulness. Dr. Gaspar García, president of the Health Geneva, Sarl and recognized international speaker, can prepare conferences or workshops designed specifically for your company or organization.


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