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Dance & Performing Arts

Movement Deeply Rooted in Chinese Culture

bailarinaFrom the old, most traditional and enigmatic work the “I Ching” or Book of Changes, to the present day, from the parks crowded with groups practicing Tai Chi, to the Chinese Opera, to Martial Arts, to dance, to calligraphy, to medicine, to gymnastics, to circus and a thousand other examples, Chinese culture is imbued with the spirit of movement and Energy (Qi) . In theory and practice, they have much experience in their old and extensive history.

As with competitive sports, this program for dancers, artists and anyone whose profession is movement and communication, aims to improve performance, avoid injury and achieve optimum level through harmony of body, mind, energy, emotions and environment.

The simple methods we use, consistent with modern science and experience, provide the dancer greater understanding of biodynamic and energy laws, control of the mind and emotions, relaxation and attention, sensibility, awareness and control, which, not only improve their technique, but also their health, efficiency and, yes, to some extent, greater wisdom, joy and happiness.