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  Contact : Rue Adrien Lachenal 26 - 1207 Genève +41 79 882 6747

Dr. Gaspar García, President

Dr. Gaspar Garcia is physician and acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in occupational risk prevention and health promotion. He has practiced eastern disciplines and philosophies for more than 40 years. He is a Master Sifu in Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Kung Fu and was the former coach of the Spanish National Kung Fu team. Dr. Garcia was the of head of the Department of
Traditional Chinese Medicine at the renowned Buchinger Clinic in Marbella for over 10 years where he introduced the Stress Management Program and the Energy Management Program.

He teaches, lectures, conducts workshops, and works as Health Consultant for individuals, employees, executives and businesses.

Dr. García created the Energy Management Program and the Smart Living Program. The Energy Management system was created to help business people lead a healthier, happier and more efficient life. The Smart Living Program was developed to promote healthy living/habits in the schools to children, parents and teachers.

Dr. Garcia is fluent in English, Spanish and French