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Education and Health

Smart Living Program

Dr. Gaspar García began searching decades ago a practical way to help children develop their full potential and live joyfully in body-mind harmony in a changing and competitive society, where the most important values are sometimes forgotten.

After extensive study and research in the fields of medicine, education, psychology, and new scientific paradigms, to which he incorporated his expertise in ancient oriental techniques, he created the Smart Living Program.

This program awakens the children’s interest in learning and self-development through an exciting atmosphere of adventure, fun and mystery. They are encouraged to take the initiative in their personal development and to achieve mastery of their own body and mind through body, breathing, energy, concentration and relaxation techniques, developing discipline and positive attitudes and behaviors.

The effectiveness and strength of the Smart Living Program lies partly in its content and in its capacity to arouse the child’s interest, and partly because it serves as a stress management for teachers thus creating a wonderful synergy where all participants benefit.


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