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Health and Wellness

Health Coach Program

This sectionis responsible, through its variousactions and initiatives, to provide the necessary informationandperseveringsupport to helpimprove and maintainthe greatest treasureyou have:health.

Health Geneva integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest medical discoveries of the West, applied with seriousness and scientific rigor.This knowledge is available to health professionals, businesses and all those with an interest in healthy habits and want to improve their quality of life.

This section provides all the elements that allows to live a full and healthy life: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, breathing, energy control, stress management, awareness and time management, and it is also taught as a Health Coach Course to physicians and therapists and all those wishing to learn and practice a holistic view of health.

Healthy Eating

This section offers the “fundamentals for a healthy diet and adequate weight”: Food types and functions, proper eating habits, fast and its benefits, “The Five 5 of healthy eating” and more.The goal is to reach eating behaviors that are healthy, simple and easily implemented to achieve good health and maintain an adequate personal weight.

Stress Management

Understand how stress affects the body and identify the causes. Learn techniques for stress management and apply the knowledge through: awareness, specific exercises, leisure, relaxation, support systems, and more.

Essence of a Healthy and Productive Living

You will have a comprehensive view of all the factors that allow you to live a healthy and productive life by integrating East – West knowledge in a balanced way: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, breathing, stress management and personal energy, personal relations, awareness and management of time, philosophy of life and more.

Breathing, Concentration, Relaxation and Visualizations

There are certain techniques or skills that should be part of our education from the earliest age due to their great importance and so much more so if we are directing our life to Excellence. These are: breathing, concentration, relaxation, body posture, visualization, and human values. No matter your professional field or your personal objectives, mastering your breath, harnessing the power of your mind, controlling your emotions, understanding relaxation and using visualizations represents an extraordinary advantage, not only because they will help us achieve excellence in whatever field we choose, but also and above all, because these skills are the pillars on which rests good health, peace, success and happiness.   You will learn the definition, benefits and procedure of each of these skills containing the essence of health, peace, vitality and achievement.

Energy Management

If you have energy all is possible, without energy the slightest difficulty seems unsurmountable. This section will strengthen your awareness of the resources available in you. This includes personal energy as one of your most precious ones. How to cultivate it, protect it, nurture it, and maintain it at the highest level. It will show you the ways to “plug” into the different sources of energy available to every human being and how to increase its intake and diminish its loss.

Physical Activity

Modern society leads toa sedentarylife with its damaging effects to health. Exercise isthe best medicine/tonicthatcanbe taken. Different forms of exercise and physical activity based on Eastern and Western gymnastics will be reviewed and how to includeexercise andphysical activityin a natural andpleasantway in our everyday life by creating a “consciousness movement,”

Consciousness of Time

Of all the resources a human being has, time is probably the one that needs our greatest attention since it is the only one that once is gone can never be recuperated; without doubt its wise management now a days will bring a wide ranging benefits. This section teaches to manage, protect, and develop a “Consciousness of Time”, identify and differentiate between what is a priority and what is urgent; what is important; what is personal and professional time; recognize when you are most productive and plan tasks accordingly.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The benefits of meditation for the body and mind have been known for hundreds of years in the East. In the West meditation has transcended the purely spiritual realm and today it is practiced in medicine, sports, businesses, education and personal development while many physicians are prescribing these techniques to their patients.

Based on the latest scientific data and research, this section reviews ancient Oriental techniques to calm the heart and strengthen the mind to improve health and personal and professional skills as we experience peace and joy. Our school is rooted in the purest Chinese tradition of Mindfulness which includes moving and sitting meditation.

Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan – The Traditional Chinese Gymnastics

This section take into consideration Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan considered by generations of Chinese as national treasures. They are methods that combines gentle body movements with the breath, mental concentration and relaxation to increase the energy of the person. They are a path to physical and mental wellbeing and self-knowledge. Also called “Fountain of Youth” they are inexhaustible source of peace, health and vitality and a great way to stay fit and protect ourselves from the pressure and stress of everyday life.

Self Defense – Kung Fu

Although known as the “Father of all Martial Arts”, Kung Fu has been practiced from the outset for the health benefits and character training of the person. In addition to the self-defense techniques of legendary efficiency, and that it is a physical activity that is fun to practice, Kung Fu trains personal and professional skills of utmost importance: breathing, concentration, relaxation , body posture, visualization, and human values, not to mention nutrition.

These skills are the pillars on which good health, success and happiness rests. It is because of these qualities that Kung Fu has found its place in our health and wellness section.


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