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Instructor Training




What is it?

This is a comprehensive training course that prepares the participant technically and pedagogically so that he/she can successfully begin teaching Luohan Gong at the end of their training.

What is the Luohan Gong?

Luohan Gong is probably the most profound and structured system of physical, mental and spiritual development that Chinese culture has created. It includes physical, respiratory, energetic and meditative exercises. The techniques of meditation and Mindfulness accompanied by a philosophy (Zen) are deprived of any religious connotation. 

Who is the training for?

For all those who, for either professional or personal reasons, want to understand in depth the wonderful world of movement and tranquility proposed by the Chinese culture: Personal Trainers, Acupuncturists, Sports and Wellness Coaches, Psychologists, Yoga teachers, Dance, Aerobics, Arts Martial, Masseurs, senior or disabled caregivers, etc.

How long does the training last?

The training takes place during 6 months, one weekend per month. The total of hours of training are 250 of which 100 hours will take place with the Instructor (six weekends: Friday evening 4 hours, Saturday 8 hours, and Sunday morning 4 hours) and 150 hours assigned to personal (home) training (one hour a day, 6 days a week for six month).

Who is the instructor?

Dr. Gaspar Garcia is a doctor and acupuncturist with a master’s degree in occupational risk prevention and health promotion. He has practiced Oriental disciplines and philosophies for 45 years. He is master Sifu in Qigong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu (former coach of the Spanish National team of Kung Fu). He is recognized as the leading western practitioner of Luohan Gong. He is the founding President of the European Choy Lee Fut and Luohan Gong Federation and Vice President of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong (Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine). His Training Program is reputed to be the most complete.

What will you learn?

Academic Objectives:

  1. Acquisition of basic knowledge of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Energy, channels, breathing, relaxation, concentration, posture, visualizations, etc. as a foundation for learning and training higher forms of energy systems like Luohan Gong.
  1. To go deeper into the practice and theory of Chinese physical, mental and spiritual development techniques through the study of one of its legendary forms: “The Hands of the 18 Luohans”. Applications in personal and professional life

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  •  Introduction to the course, objectives, etc.
  •  History of Qigong. Relationship with Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  •  Origin of Luohan Gong. From Bodhidharma to our times.
  •  Luohan System Description: its 3 forms and characteristics.
  •  Essential concepts in Qigong: Tao, Wu Chi, Yin / Yang, Tai Chi, Pa Kwa, etc.
  •  Theory of Yin and Yang.
  •  The Five Elements/Phases
  •  Basic Concepts in Qigong: Breathing, Concentration, Relaxation, visualizations, posture and Movement.
  •  Energy and Flow – Main Meridians and collaterals.
  •  The 4 Rules in Learning and Training in Qigong.
  •  Reactions in the practice of Qigong: Normal, Abnormal, and Contraindications.
  •  Qigong: Preventive Medicine and Therapeutics.
  •  The Different Schools of Qigong: Buddhist, Taoist, Medical, Martial and Confucian.
  •  Monk Choi Fuk – Righteousness – Relation with the 4 Noble Truths.
  •  Luohan Theory and Practice: The Three Doors or Gates, three Three Dan Tiens.
  •  The Three Treasures: Jing – Qi – Shen. Definition and implications, different classes.
  •  Meridians and Acupuncture Points in the Practice of Luohan Going.
  •  The Energy Mechanism in Luohan Qigong.
  •  Introduction to the Microcosmic orbit. Energy implications.
  •  Qigong and stress: the “Energy Management Program”.
  •  Qigong and the Art of Calligraphy- Introduction.
  •  Qigong and Feng Shui – Introduction.
  •  Qigong and Martial Arts- Introduction.
  •  Qigong and Sex- Introduction.
  •  Qigong and Spiritual Development. – Introduction.


  •  Zhan Zhuang: Body Movement and Posture.
  •  Breathing Techniques.
  •  Relaxation Techniques.
  •  Concentration Techniques. Static Qigong.
  •  Visualization Techniques.
  •  Basic Breathing and Energetic Exercises.
  •  Toning Exercises.
  •  Sedating Exercises.
  •  Spinal Stretching and Relaxation Exercises.
  •  The 8 Jewels -Ba Duan Jin.
  •  Self Massage.
  •  Exercise to regulate the San Jiao / San Dan Tien.
  •  The 6 breathing methods? in Luohan Gong.
  •  Walking Yin / Yang. Walking Qigong.
  •  Techniques of the 3 Dan Tiens Tai Luohan.
  •  Hands of the 18 Luohan (The Complete Form).

How much does the Instructor Training cost?

The total cost of the training is 3,540 FCH.

The payment can be made in full at the beginning of the training (in this case you will benefit from a 10% discount; ie you will pay 3186 FCH) or monthly (590 FCH/month)

The payment (full or monthly) must be made at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the training, that is to say no later than 17 February 2017. After this date you will have to pay 10% more for the training.

Registration fee: 300 CHF- Canceled

Exam Fees: 150 FCH – Canceled

Please make a bank transfer to the following account and send a copy of the transfer to healthgeneva@bluewin.ch

Health Geneva Sarl

IBAN: CH82 0024 0240 5982 6101 W




You will receive three DVDs.

DVD 1: The content of the theory in English/French or Spanish, including text and drawings.

DVD 2: Video of the basic movements (in Spanish).

DVD 3: Video with the Form of the “Hands of the Eighteen Luohan” (In Spanish or English). The translation into French may not be ready but you can follow the movements and the instructions included in the theoretical material given in French.

Evaluation Exam and Delivery of Certificate of Luohan Gong Instructor

At the end of the training, you will have to go through a theoretical assessment and a practical examination.

In addition you will give ten hours of classes to students of a Luohan Gong center and write an article of at least 10 pages linking Luohan Gong to a discipline / subject of your interest.

You will have passed the exam with 70% of correct answers.

Terms and conditions

The management reserves the right to modify the dates of the courses as well as the right to cancel the training if the number of participants is insufficient. In the latter case, your money will be refunded.


In order to register send an email to healthgeneva@bluewin.ch and we will send you a registration form. Your registration will be definitely validated upon receipt of your form and payment, either total or monthly.


The management declines all responsibility in the event of litigation, theft, accident, injury at the training site. The management may require a medical certificate attesting to the physical condition of the trainee.

Terms of cancelation/withdrawal

Cancellations/withdrawal must be reported in writing:

1) If you cancel/withdraw from the training course less than 15 days before the start of the course, 50% of the total amount will be withheld.

2) After the beginning of the training no refund will be made.

The Management reserves the right to modify the programs, the prices and the general conditions.