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Our Principles



1. Hippocratic Medicine

Strongly based on “Vis medicatrix naturae” – the “healing power of nature” and “primum non nocere” – “first do no harm”. Health Geneva is based on Hippocratic medicine, a “naturopathic” medicine that utilizes food, exercise, breathing, relaxation, power of mind over matter and the elements of nature in the promotion, prevention and treatment of health – the inherent ability of organisms to self-heal.


 2. Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine has a long tradition in the Eastern medical cultures of China and India. Today, this is scientifically supported through specialties such as psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology, mindfulness, etc., that advocates the relationship and interaction between the body, mind and emotions. This is also called integrative or holistic medicine.


3. Integrative and Complementary Medicines

Health Geneva programs integrate conventional Western medicine and science with Eastern medical traditions that have proven themselves over the centuries. These Eastern medical traditions are now scientifically supported by the rigors of Western scientific research and complement each other when integrated.


4. Evidence-based Medicine

Currently, science cannot explain all the mysteries of the universe, but the scientific approach and methodology used and applied ensures the creation and implementation of effective medical protocols which guarantees continuous improvement and development. Health Geneva applies evidence-based medicine in all its programs.


5. Telemedicine – eHealth

Health Geneva utilizes the Internet and new technologies to enhance the promotion and dissemination of medical information to improve prevention and treatment of health issues. eHealth is an effective tool to educate, monitor, support and open new channels of communication with clients, physicians and in patient health information to assist with prevention and treatment.


Techniques of meditation, relaxation, breathing, visualization, Qigong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and nutritional advice from Western and Eastern perspectives are some of the integrative methods used by Health Geneva.


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