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Life at 60

Don’t wait until you are sixty!

Sixty years marks in the Eastern traditions the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. It is the transmutation of the soul, the transformation towards your true Self….

Rin Kai is a call to work in the most authentic and real goal of life: Self Development and Wisdom. Rin Kai is a “club of friends on the Path” which will support you in the most fortunate and important stage of your existence; to what you have been working and preparing yourself unknowingly.

Rin Kai provides you, at a turning point in your life, knowledge and techniques that come from the most ancient oriental tradition and yet possess a rigorous scientific approach and the most contemporary significance.

Stripped of all sectarian, religious, dogmatic and intransigent connotation, these teachings are exposed in a simple way that is consistent with modern science and experience, to support and bring you health, peace, wisdom and happiness.

臨 (RIN) means increasing or come up or change from YIN state to YANG state.

界 (KAI) means the border or limit.

This is the Japanese reading, in Chinse it is Ling Jia


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