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High Performance and Injury Reduction Program


The new frontier that high level competition must conquer is the mind… and it is here! The training of the body and specific athletic and biodynamic techniques seem to have given all they can to improve performance in competitors. Now is the turn to work and develop the brain.

Neuroscience and its new findings is definitely a valid way to clarify the workings of the brain, but the deepest systems for training the brain come from the Orient. Through centuries of study, practiceand analysis,the Eastern traditions of Yoga, Kung Fu, Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan have developed great depth inthe quest of not only physical, but especially of the mental perfectionthat characterizes them.

Our training program, which comes from the most ancient Eastern tradition, has nevertheless a rigorous scientific approach and provides the athlete not only a different element in training the body but more importantly, mastery over the mind and emotions that allows them to achieve excellence in their sport and competition.

The objectives of the High Performance and Injury Reduction Program is to help the athlete and competitors to improve performance, reach his/her optimal level and prevent injury through psychophysical development and harmony with its surroundings.



The competitor/athlete/sports person will improve his/her technical abilities through a gradual and progressive program that include breathing techniques, relaxation, concentration, awareness, mindfulness, visualization; energetic exercise, constructive feedback and discussion.


The program develops an understanding of the fundamental principles and working mechanisms of the body, mind, emotion and environment: bio mechanics, energy flow, natural laws, change and rhythms, law of cause and effect, resilience and suppleness of body and mind. And it does this through a participatory and experiential environment; from inside out. All elements are adapted to age, activity and the ability of participants through various didactical methods. 


The life of today’s athlete is hard and challenging: before, during and after success has been achieved. This requires discipline, courage, leadership, perseverance, humility and determination. The use of the different techniques help to bring about change in the athlete’s own self-evaluation; developing a sense of self-esteem and confidence in his/her own abilities; strengthening the will power with a positive transformation of his/her own behavior; thereby creating a harmonious relationship with peers, coach, family and within the social environment.


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