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Police, Army and Firefighters

Warrior Caste Program

Police-and-FiremanWarrior Caste is a program designed for the police, army and firefighters but applicable to children and youth and adults. This program has its roots in ancient oriental martial traditions including Kung Fu and manifests itself in 3 Paths 4 Steps®.

The program has two branches: one aimed at the security forces and army and the other for firefighters. Warrior Caste provides the techniques, skills and support these forces need to efficiently meet the many challenges they face while nurturing the greatest treasures of the human being: health, peace and wisdom.

Security Forces and Military

The Warrior Caste program is divided into two sections that can be taught independently of each other. The purpose of one section is to bring the policeperson or soldier to the highest standard of physical and mental fitness through a routine of physical, respiratory, energetic and mental exercises of Chinese origin of long tradition and proven efficacy.

The other section of the program is based on the fighting techniques of Kung Fu whose understanding of biodynamic to develop maximum speed and strength and the characteristics of the techniques themselves applied to combat are unmatched. This knowledge comes from the most popular and effective system of Kung Fu Southern China whose history is filled with martial successes.

Fire Fighters

Like the Security and Armed Forces, the fire fighters must be in top shape. The Mind -Body techniques that we transmit are the same ones used by the legendary Kung Fu masters to keep in top condition. These exercises bring strength and flexibility to the body, regulate the breath, calm the mind and allow control of the emotions; and all in one routine that has been kept alive for generations.

This body-mind-energy system of fitness has a long history and is one of the most authentic and profound that the human being has conceived.


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