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  Contact : Rue Adrien Lachenal 26 - 1207 Genève +41 79 882 6747

Who We Serve

We serve a wide range of clients that include clinics, hospitals, spas and hotels, companies, educational institutions, sports people, centers and performing arts schools, armed forces, fire fighters and private individuals.


Companies and Organizations

Specifically designed for businesses and organizations, we have the “Energy Managament Program” with emphasis on Workplace Health Promotion, stress and energy management. We also have other courses  that may be of interest to the private and public sector.


Clinics, Hospitals and Spas

For Health professionals, we offer conferences and training courses based on a “East-West Health System” and supported by the principles of Mind-Body Medicine.  We have a “Health Coach Program” with a holistic approach to health as well as introductory and Instructor Training Courses on Qigong, Meditation/Mindfulness and Tai Chi. There are other courses  that can be customized to cover diverse topics of healthy habits.


Schools and Educational Institutions 

The “Smart Living Program”  was designed to create a synergy in the promotion of fundamental life skills and healthy habit between students and teachers. The focus is on training teachers in stress management and healthy habits and have them transmit this knowledge in the classroom. This course will introduce indispensable knowledge and skills for a healthy development of the children during their schooling as it supports the wellbeing of the teacher.


Athletes and Performing Artists

To achieve optimal performance for professionals who work with their bodies to the limit, we have created the “High Performance and Injury Reduction Program”. We apply the conscious work of the mind over the body to maximize the performance of athletes and dancers and for treatment and reduction of injuries. Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan are the traditional gymnastics of China, their conception of body dynamics, breath, concentration and relaxation will generate new understanding and dimension that will enhance the professional achievements of elite athletes and performing artists.


Spas, Sports Centers and Gymnasiums, Yoga and Martial Arts instructors

We offer Instructor Training Courses on Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Meditation/Mindfulness and Kung Fu. We have been training instructors for more than 3 decades all over the world. Our knowledge of one of the deepest and most traditional systems of QiGong (Luohan Gong) and Kung Fu (Choy Lee Fut) and our experience in teaching, ranks us amongst the leaders of these disciplines worldwide.


Security Forces, Army and Firefighters

We offer these agencies consulting services, training, conferences and seminars in the areas of Health and Wellness, of Personal Development and Meditation and Martial Arts and Oriental Philosophies.

Our capacity to provide innovative ideas and effective improvements in these areas of great significance will certainly be appreciated.

We can also apply concepts from Eastern Philosophies and Oriental Warring Tradition to specific topics on safety, strategy and vision in a globalized and changing world.


Personal Trainers, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Yoga and Martial Arts Instructors

We offer training courses for professionals who wish to benefit from the many advantages, both professionally and personally, that provide the eastern disciplines of Meditation – Mindfulness, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu. These skills and knowledge Mind-Body undoubtedly provide highly valued professional and economical advantage in these times.


Private Individuals

Our programs can be of interest to anyone looking to improve their life for personal and / or professional reasons. In this regard we emphasize the Health Coach Program, the Energy Management Program, the Moon on the Lake Program, or Rin Kai. The first program aims to improve health, the second for professional reasons and the last two programs for personal development. We also have other courses focused on specific topics.